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About: This is a blog made for the french translated game OFF
Anonymous asked: Why do you tag teeth like a trigger?

i do it on my main blog because someone asked me too and so i’ll do it here too cause they follow this blog too


whos this idiot painting their face like the batter

who is this





Anonymous asked: in the OFF Fangame DL Links, are the games free?

they should be all free yes

extoria replied to your post: anonymous said:So Markiplier fini…

Why is the off (game) tag a nightmare?

because its filled with live blogging, screen caps, random headcanon, RP blogs and stuff that shouldn’t even be in the tag.

Anonymous asked: So Markiplier finished OFF a while back and all of his fans made tons of artwork with Mark as the batter plus a bunch of other OFF related art. Any chance you'd post any?

well i would but going through the OFF (game) tag is a nightmare.

what i usually do is if anything good pops up on my dash i’ll reblog that, but if you really want some markiplier off stuff on here you could always sent me a link via fanmail or ask.

i don’t even know why i made this.

Inspired by: OFF x Inu Curry Style

(Source: chocopom)


OFF - Zone 0 remake

For those who have just recently followed or don’t know, I accidentally overwrit my old Zone 0 file while making Zone 3. I decided with just that tiny bit of extra knowledge I’ve gained, I’d try making it from the beginning, and I did! This time with the indoors. 

The differences between it and the first remake are that it’s definitely not as high, and the path on top of the building only fits with the indoors for this because of the stairs.

I hope you like it! If you have any questions, or need help, feel free to message me.

EDIT: Fixed a bit in the behind indoors area that I just noticed,


Jordanimate’s OFF 3D

Someday in the future, you never know, I may do Zone 3. But for now, after all the weeks of hard work, I hope you can finally appreciate all the hard work I put into creating this <3

To see the full photosets, check out my blog. If you ever use the pictures for anything, please credit me, and notify me if you want because it’d be nice to see what my work has influenced or helped ;u; 

And also putting drawings/sprites into any of these pictures is very much welcome <3

I will put every single photo I have used for my OFF project into a page on my blog if ever you need them! 

Thanks again~ 


Zone 2 - Residential Area

(come on, it took so long and it’s so complex it deserves its own photoset)

(via papergrave)

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